Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An'Brain - Shortcutter 1.2.2 Full Apk

An'Brain - Shortcutter 1.2.2 Full Apk | 1.32 MB | Mediafire / MirrorCreator
Requires Android:2.1 and up


An'Brain turns your Android smarter! Shortcutter is an intelligent widget that displays shortcuts to your most used apps and contacts. These shortcuts change dendending on the current time and position.

v1.2.2 update:
- General bug fixes and improvements. (Updated to 1.2.2)
- The Shortcutter widget will refresh its contect when an app is uninstalled.
- Using the Android agenda as a contact picker for the contact blacklist. The previous built-in contact picker took much time when the contact list is huge.
- Fixed the widgets "Loading..." bug. Now, they load correctly.

- Shows the shortcuts you use most.
- Get a tidy desktop.
- Shortcuts to apps and contacts.
- Predictions improve over time.
- Black list to avoid certain items to be showed.
- "Clean Assistant" suggests you what apps to uninstal.

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