Saturday, September 17, 2011

Windows XP Extreme Seven 2009 Basic

Well work has been going on or the FINAL edition of Extreme Seven 2009, and there has been BIG changes in the system alreadly including new themes, wallpapers, icon, new PRE-INSTALLED windows 7 appz etc which was not included in the BETA release.

Other change so far...
- re-edited/HQ logon screens
- re-edited/HQ setup menu
- setup/installing errors fix
- IE7, FF3 and GC all pre-install also
- shell32 file errors found and fixed
- windows 7 notepad and calculator added
- Windows 7 Explorer Look-A-Like (See Picture 2)
- Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 now pre-installed
and much more

[Release Note]
ISO Size ..... 693MB
RAR Size ..... 621MB
Source ....... Windows Xp Professional SP3
System ....... x86
Creater ...... Jcberry526

1. extract from the RAR files
2. Burn to CD-R using Nero
3. Boot CD
4. Enjoy

No new drivers added, just windows xp delfaut ones

Yes there has been SOME tweaks done to the edition

Windows Media Player 11
Mozilla Firefox 3.6
Google Chrome
VLC Player
Es Basic addon pack

Download Windows XP Extreme Seven 2009 Basic

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