Friday, September 30, 2011

QuickPic 1.4.2 Apk

QuickPic 1.4.2 Apk | 299 KB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.0 and up

V1.4.2 update:
1. Long press a folder to create a link to desktop (only stock launcher)
2. New option: show details in the viewer when tool bar is visible
3. Important bug: check before move or rename to avoid the system media scanner delete the files!
4. Fix bug: decode some GIFs error
5. Fix bug: load thumbnails error in MT620
6. Fix bug: sometimes load wrong preview
7. Fix bug: sometimes don’t switch to next picture after delete it
8. Return back to clear style icon, it’s the last time I change it!

Quick Your Pictures! The best picture viewer/browser/gallery!
Smaller! Faster! Clearer! More powerful!
This is the best picture viewer/gallery/photo album you are looking for!

Speed browsing tons of pictures without background service!
Clear thumbnail previews, include or exclude the specified folders!
Easy hide your photos and videos, even protect them a password!
Greater resolution, better image quality of full-screen photo view! Play animated-GIFs.
iPhone’ smooth experience: sliding shift or switch, single/double tap or pinch to zoom!
Rich image editing and management features: rotate, crop/shrink, share, set wallpaper, slides, sort, rename, move/copy!
It is free and no ads!

If you find any BUG, email me, please! Android bug report is not always helpful!

Please BACKUP YOUR IMPORTANT PHOTOS before your do file operations!
Long press a thumbnail to move/copy to another or new folder. Enter multi-select mode to find the batch operations.
Include the picture folders only in the settings to speed up the scanning.
Click the title in the title bar to rename the file/folder.
Can’t sync Picasa or Facebook or other web album!
Can’t show 3D photos yet!
Can’t show TIFF!
App2SD will be available when the APK size >= 500K!

Warning, HTC make things incompatible:
Multiple sharing photos to HTC mail or bluetooth may not work in some versions of HTC sense!
Open a photo from SMS will fail because HTC want a gallery app with SMS reading permission!

Sorry for changing icon 4 times, I just want to make the icon represent my app: clear, simple, quick…And it is the last time I change the icon!


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