Friday, September 30, 2011

Lame Castle Full 1.42 Apk

Lame Castle Full 1.42 Apk | 11 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.0.1 and up

V1.42 update:
# Fixed some crash+hang bugs (HTC Sensation / HTC Evo3D)
# Slightly improved framerate for some devices

Dash your way to save the kingdom by destroying the evil wizard’s Lame Castle
*** We just released our new game, Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!, check it out ***
“Any fan of running and dashing should just buy this now…Pure genius”
“While the castle is lame.. this game is anything but lame! a must buy”
“This game is definitely one of the most well polished endless runners I’ve played. I love punting chickens!!”

Lame Castle is a “dash” or “runner” game similar to the likes of Robot Unicorn Attack, Canabalt, or Monster Dash. There are 24 levels to blaze through (each with their own bonus objective) and 4 truly unique endless modes.

Dash your way to save the kingdom and win over the princess by destroying Wizzy the evil wizard’s Lame Castle.
-24 levels, each with a special bonus objective
-4 unique endless challenge modes
-22 achievements (OpenFeint)
-Leaderboards (OpenFeint)
-XPERIA PLAY Optimized
-Hold your phone with 2 hands like a game controller
-Press the left side of the screen to JUMP and DOUBLE JUMP
-Hold to jump further
-Press the right side of the screen to ATTACK
-If you’ve picked up a power attack you will dash through the air when attacking

Some 2.1 users will have issues running the game, if you get 2.2+ it should fix them.


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