Friday, October 14, 2011

Wiz Kid Jr. v1.11 Apk

Wiz Kid Jr. v1.11 Apk | 10.6 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Defend your mana from a horde of hungry spirits in this arcade puzzle adventure!
Wiz Kid Jr. is now OpenFeint enabled! Post your high scores in each difficulty level to the global leaderboards and compete with friends and strangers for the top spot, from Beginner to Unstoppable Wizard. We also added 10 achievements to challenge your skills!

What's in this version:
# OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements added!
# Minor bug fixes for faulty game starts and multi-color chains

"A brilliant arcade puzzle title, full of unique ideas, that will have you coming back for more punishment time after time." - Pocket Gamer

"Wiz Kid Jr. is a stellar game. Graphically, it's nails. ... It runs smooth as butter, and has a kickin' soundtrack, to boot." - Android Central

"Great sound and great graphics make a unique idea a joy to play." -, App of the Day

"A solid puzzle game with polish and heart." - Android Police

"It's like Dr. Mario and Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled combined forces and had a wizard-themed game party on my phone!" - A Guy We Know

Defend your mana from a horde of hungry spirits in this arcade puzzle adventure!

Train alongside the Elder Wizard as you chain together totems to increase your mana and beat back a steady onslaught of hungry spirits. Let the spirits eat up too much mana and you'll lose, but earn magic attacks, high scores, and hold those hungry spirits off for long enough and you just might become an Unstoppable Wizard!

✔ Arcade puzzle game with personality: High-quality artwork with memorable characters and a high level of polish, from game design to the sound and music.

✔ Gameplay that's fun for all ages: Defend your stores of mana from hungry spirits that each have their own special attack and are intent on eating up all your mana. It's connect-3-or-more puzzle action with a touch of tower defense!

✔ Puzzle mechanics designed specifically for touch screens: Trace a path to chain together 3 or more of the same colored totems or spirits and destroy them, collect their mana, and earn points.

✔ Intelligent, fast-performance scaling and anti-aliasing for different screens: Enjoy a great game experience regardless of screen size - looks fantastic on tablets!

★ 2 Modes of Play: Choose either Classic Arcade or Super Free Play and try to earn the highest score for each level.

★ 4 Magic Spells: Learn new spells as your scores improve and use them to slow down those hungry spirits.

★ 6 Hungry Spirits: Study their special attacks and stay on offense if you want to preserve your stores of mana.

★ 8 Barrels of Fun: Play Wiz Kid Junior wherever you happen to be—on the train, on a plane, in a car, or at a bar. Have fun!

Wiz Kid Junior is an arcade puzzle game developed for Android devices and released by Super Combo Collective.

For updates, news, or conversation, follow us on Twitter: @supercomboco

If you experience a crash or a bug, hit "report" so that we are notified of the error and can provide a fix. We would also love for you to email us directly with any problems or feedback: - thanks for your help and support!

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