Sunday, October 30, 2011

MattedBlues - CM7 Theme Engine v1.9 Apk

MattedBlues - CM7 Theme Engine v1.9 Apk | 8.5 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.3 and up


MattedBlues for T-Mobile Theme Engine (CM7+)
We are very proud to announce, and finally release, MattedBlues for CM7 Theme Engine. MattedBlues is a theme for the T-Mobile Theme Engine, which is built into CyanogenMod 7. It was originally created for the Evo and then ported to a number of devices. Now it is available to all devices running CM7 with Theme Engine!

1. Install
2. Apply in Theme Chooser
3. Reboot
4. Marvel at how amazing your phone looks and provide us with feedback!

v1.9 update:
- Lots of Changes:
- Reworked and refined WiFi bars
- Reworked battery and data icons from scratch
- Tweaked status bar icons
- NEW music animation (usually starts when you receive another notification) VIDEO:
- New themed pop-ups, progress bars, seek thumb sliders
- New contact pictures and contact badge
- Tweaked title bars
- Themed app icons: MOG, APW, Desktop Vis, Trulia, Astro, WidgetLocker & MORE!
- Themed Nav notification icons

-Compatible with all HDPI devices running CyanogenMod 7 with T-Mobile's Theme Engine.
-When applying, you may see a message about "missing assets for device's screen size" but it will apply fine on any and all HDPI devices.
-Please email us if you have any issues (although you shouldn't).
-Check out MattedBlues Super Clock skins in Beautiful Widgets app (see screenshot).

**Updates coming soon. We will add MattedBlues wallpapers, docks, and icons to our threads on XDA shortly. Check them out here: and

Major thanks to BeatBlaster_, a major contributing member of Team MattedBlues. Additionally, thank you to the following users for contributing to and helping with MattedBlues: SHlFT, sonnysekhon, ChrisSoyars, MrDSL, manup456, troyhatton, bob, ar15fonsi, jaguirre1231, klinster. Thank you all!


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