Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock 2.7b Apk

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock apk
Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock 2.7b Apk | 2.1 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:1.5 and up

Lightning Bug is a visual sound machine. Night time clock, sleep timer & alarm.
We have had some recent reports of samples "skipping". We have found that the issue is only with certain new phones and the Gingerbread version of Android. A fix is in the works and we hope to have it out shortly.
Thanks so much for your patience!

What's in this version:

-Fix for Force Close issue for Android version 1.5 users
-Improved system alarm integration
-Two new clock fonts: fatboy slim, jolly raunchy
-Added a setting to disable clock background
-New plugin install mode dialogue
-Bug Fix: Droid issue when using a dock
-Bug Fix: Various minor items

Lightning Bug has been a top app in the Android Market’s Health category for over a year! Check it out, see why!

Make your mood! Find sleep and relaxation easier with Lightning Bug, a simple but powerful ambience and white noise mixer for Android powered devices. Lightning Bug contains a growing library of sound loops and samples ranging from the natural peace of rain storms and ocean waves, to pure white noise, city trains, meditation bells, acoustic and electronic instruments, and down-tempo break beats.

Lightning Bug doesn’t just play simple, repetitious audio loops. Lightning Bug uses a customizable engine to play harmonized sound samples in random patterns. You never have to hear the same thing twice!

Lightning Bug also includes many soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations. It even has a stylish, customizable digital clock with alarm, a great replacement for your bedside alarm clock!


- Growing library of sound samples and loops engineered exclusive for Lightning Bug
- Growing library of soothing backgrounds and sound visualizations
- Control each sound’s volume (long press the sound’s icon)
- New Plugin-Mode for adding lot’s of high quality new content (look for the puzzle piece!)
- Control each sample sound’s playback frequency (plugin-mode only)
- Customize each scene with whatever sounds you want (plugin-mode only)
- Digital Clock, customize font, color, screen size, and date\time format
- Alarm Clock with customizable Snooze
- Sleep Timer w\ App Shutdown
- Screen Dimmer
- Screen Timeout
- Supports All Screen Orientations (except upside down)
- Disable Device Button Lights

To get the full Lightning Bug experience, you gotta check out plugins. Lightning Bug currently offers several free and premium plugins. For more info on what each plugin contains, click here!

We’ve been really lucky to be contacted by some very talented artists willing to contribute their time and skills to making Lightning Bug better for everyone. Please check out their sites and show them your support!

Maria “Jpeg” Izaurralde
Thanks to Maria Jpeg for images used in Country, City, Meditation, and 4th of July Packs!

Thanks to SolarRain for sounds used in Jungle, Country and Meditation Packs!


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