Saturday, October 1, 2011

Launcher 7 - Donate Apk

Launcher 7 - Donate Apk | 1.51 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Ad-free version of Launcher 7.
If you want to try, go download the free version first and see how it fares. If you can't stand the ads, this version is for you :)
Same warnings apply here. It may crash, it may surprise you pleasantly. You have been warned.

- 1x1, 2x1 and 1x2 tiles.
- tile bitmaps can cover the whole tile
- widgets on tiles
- tile reordering
- live contacts tile

- configurable animation parameters (soon)
- clock tile of sorts
- more animated tiles
- facebook integration


- folder editor allows you to add (and remove) multiple applications to folder at once
- multiple apps can be filtered from application drawer at once (only in wp7 mode though)
- multiple apps can be restored from filtered apps list at once
- new application picker implemented in folder editor and tile editors
- icons can be disabled from wp7 style application drawer
- folder tile visuals can be modified
- tiles should no longer stuck in drag mode after exiting modify tile screen

- attempting to speed up launcher startup
- tile loading adjusted (reimplemented, then reverted back to original and tweaked it further)
- reminder: please drop the GMail tile from your homescreens and replace it with mail tile.

- several bugfixes to statusbar
- it is now possible to switch back to full screen folder view from settings

- hopefully resolved the market bug (screen portrait-setting in manifest) preventing the download
- folder content is now displayed in a nice popup instead of separate activity

- index letters are once again either white or black
- new font removed from settings page
- increased font size in index view
- couple of crash fixes

- Adjusted readability with white background
- If system background is used, the settings page colors should now be always black&white
- Webtile settings page integrated into new theme

- Option to change the time statusbar icons are visible is now in statusbar settings
- Statusbar clock should not stop updating anymore
- Battery percentage is once again visible on statusbar

- Statusbar is now from Seven+ project
- Pivot in settings view is now from Seven+ project
- Checkboxes and buttons in settings view are from Seven+ project
- WP7 style status bar is now available in settings view
- Settings view is now white if background is set to white
- Settings view now allows you to pick tile color from stock accents (custom color is still available too)
- Index letters in application list are now painted with selected theme color
- Animation changed in index page

- IMAP login issue fixed
- Cached bitmaps are now optimized to more efficient size, if you do use custom pictures in 2x1, 1x2 or full bitmap 1x1
tiles, go modify those tiles (no need to change anything) to generate optimized cached image

- New handling for out of memory situations during tile loading
- Mail box counters are now requested first time when background loaded finishes, not when tile is bound to view

- Goodbye GMail tile, you will be missed
- Mail tile introduced. Supports GMail and Yahoo via IMAP and Exchange 2007SP1/2010 via EWS (with NTLMv2 authentication)
- Generic IMAP supports plain IMAP and IMAP with SSL. TLS is not supported
- Only username/password authentication supported in IMAP
- Mail tile is most adjustable tile so far, tile color, background and text color can be changed

android.permission.READ_SMS - SMS tile
READ_CONTACTS - contacts tile
INTERNET - ads <3 GET_ACCOUNTS - calendar tile READ_GMAIL - gmail tile (2.2+2.1) READ_CALENDAR - calendar tile WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - backup/restore CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE - statusbar READ_PHONE_STATE - statusbar ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - statusbar ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - statusbar EXPAND_STATUS_BAR -statusbar


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