Saturday, October 15, 2011

Juggle! HD 1.1.6 Apk

Juggle! HD 1.1.6 Apk | 9 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up

JUGGLE! is our heartfelt tribute to classic gaming. It’s a trip back in time to the origins of arcade games that captures the 1970s vibe but is enriched by a contemporary twist.

Use your paddle to bat balls into the air. The more balls you juggle, the more points you score. It’s as simple as that. If only it was so simple to stop playing once you start…

V1.1.6 update:
- Tablet & Honeycomb optimisations
- Add support for Android Backup Service
- Improved precision for bat movements, specifically for tablets but will benefit phones as well. Glad that helped Dmytro – if you don’t already have Gingerbread on your device, that should improve it further.
- Please note, you can pause the game at any time by tapping in the top half of the screen during play.
- 1.1.6 contains additional performance optimisations.

* Easy to pick up but hard to put down – and even harder to master.
* No-nonsense rules and immediate action.
* Heart-warming retro styling with a distinctly modern flavour.
* Space-age audio effects take you on a trip.
* A choice of five paddle sensitivities. This helps fresh players get settled AND offers the connoisseur a new thrill.
* Adjustable timer position to suit left- and right-handed players.
* Rotate the device 180 degrees for devices to help on devices where you might otherwise touch the buttons during play.
* Pause the game by tapping in the top half of the screen.

Download - Filesonic
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