Thursday, October 27, 2011

Info Wallpaper 1.5.3 Apk

Info Wallpaper 1.5.3 Apk | 1.28 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up


Customizable wallpaper with weather, battery, date, time, current song and more!
Info Wallpaper is a customizable Live Wallpaper that can display your phone's battery status, the current time and date, weather, number of unread text messages or e-mails in your Gmail inbox, the currently playing music track, GSM signal strength and much more.

* Use images from the gallery as background
* Supports scrolling background
* Use a single color background or overlay on top of image
* Use two colored background for a fading effect.
* Add any number of items to your background and position them by dragging them on the screen
* Save your configuration and share with others or download a configuration from the website to use on your own phone
* 22 free fonts to choose from
* Format date and time anyway you want it
* Add shadow to text
* Display numbers as text
* Vertical text
* English or Swedish language
* Free background images available on website
* Free designs available on website


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