Sunday, October 2, 2011

Absolute System Root Tools 1.8.0 Apk

Absolute System Root Tools 1.8.0 Apk | 1.3 MB | Mediafire Download
Requires Android:2.1 and up

Requires a Rooted Device + NAND Unlocked Device!
I'm not going to be adding sounds
with Animations that you download with
my app, as devices are different, it'd
be impossible to have each animation tailored
for each device. And it'd use alot of

That's what the editor is for
if you know your device plays sounds then you
can edit the desc.txt of the animation to include
the line

s mysound.ogg
s mysound.mp3
s android_audio.mp3 (for evo4g's)
What's in this version:

Put in a lot of work this week trying to get the request in people had in their emails.
Too much done to list, many enhancements and tried to get a overall theme set for the app
New feature request are going to be worked on this coming week. I've had a few people request features that currently aren't in my app, but i've dabbled with those ideas before so it's time to add them to this beast.
CYA next weekend! Have fun and Thanks! :)

after any
p X X partName
that you want to have sound

your device has to support playing
sounds and you need to find out where
they play from and add it to the desc.txt

when you do and you find out if it works
or not, let me know, so I can keep a log
of known device/sound locations.

Thanks :P :)

**Updated Info for HTC Evo4g Users**
if you've used unrevoked to root your device
make sure you update to latest version of
SuperUser App and su binary, as the version they install
is severely crippling my App and causing
great Lag on EVO4Gs!

+To any users who say my App doesn't work
all you have to do is Email Me! And I'll
try to the best of my ability to rectify ANY
problems!! I know this App works, it's usually just a
TINY problem most of the time,it is up to you the User to Email Me, as I don't have the 1000000 different Android devices to test with I need your support and emails, so WE
can solve ANY ISSUES!!!
/end-rant :)


+Root(SU) File Browser/File Management
++Zip file creation/extract
++Bulk Email Files
++Bulk Copy/Move/Delete Files
++Image previews
++APK File Viewer/Extraction
++Bunch of other Stuff :P Editor (Change all values of the desc.txt to change Width/Height/Frames Per Second/Comment out certain Parts/etc..

+Preview/DL Over a 200 Boot Animations!
+Import Boot Animations you've placed on root of /sdcard/
+Preview/DL Over 200 Fonts!

+App Backup+Data to SDCard
+App Mgmt Remove System/Data apps from phone.
+App Mgmt Cache/Data Clear

+Text Editor to modify ASCII Files!(Build.prop etc)

+AD Block Support

+Build.prop Editor

+SQLite3 Database Viewer

*********MIUI ROM*******
to change fonts you have to press the menu button on your phone and select MIUI Only(Arial.ttf) from within the Font Download portion of the App.

you only have to do this once per install of app.

For boot animations to work with Samsung
Devices you have to be running a custom
ROM that supports it.

Stock rooted Samsung will not be able
to change Boot Animations

I'm going to be in need of Translators
to make this app more User friendly for
Non-English reading/writing Users.

If you are interested Email me, and I'll
be working on getting you the necessary
files for translating! Thanks :)

root tools system utilities absolute font boot animations fonts ad block adblock backup clear cache uninstall apps file browser bootanimations bootanimation boot animation text editor app killer logcat scripts removal install copy move delete management

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